10 March 2015

Textiles Tuesday

Hello and welcome again to Textiles Tuesday. This time, I have 12 items for you to explore.

* Modern Quilt Show Australia: call for entries! Closing date 3 May.  The entry form is here

* From Business Insider: The Most Successful Creative People Constantly Say 'No' by Kevin Ashton. Worth reading!

* Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr will be teaching in Australia in June. Full details here

* Issue 4 of Through Our Hands online textile magazine now available. It's free! 

* 14-15 March: The Handmade Market, Canberra, ACT.

* World Quilt Competition: call for Australian entries. Closing date: 18 May.

* Knitting is a Right, Not a Privilege, says Work Even. I highly recommend this article.
The most important quote, for me: "The magic is that I’ve developed a skill that decreases my dependence on consumer culture."

*  Wow! Check out what Brian Dettmer creates with old books.

* Like zentangling? Here's a new ebook, A New Twist on Tangle String Lines, from the talented Jane Monk.

* Until 5 April: Golden Textures, Maryborough VIC.

* 27 and 28 March: Margaret Sampson-George exhibition, Wonga Park, VIC

* Don't say I didn't warn you - this website is a place you can spend hours browsing. Produced by the International Quilt Study Center and Museum, the first first module, The American Story, is now available. It is fascinating.

I hope you've found something of interest here. Send me an email if you know of a fabulous article or event, too!

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