28 April 2015

After the storms

A couple of weeks ago, I planted a row of snow pea seeds in my garden. As always, the advice is to water the seeds and then do not add any more water until the shoots come up.

The day after I planted, we were hit with torrential rain and wild winds for the next three days. Trees fell over and places flooded. In my suburb, more than 300 mm of rain fell in those three days. I mentally said goodbye to the chances of my snow peas emerging.

As I cautiously stepped into the garden a few days after the onslaught had eased, I was astonished to see this beautiful scene.

I snapped this photo last Saturday morning. Later that day, we endured another massive storm - this time, with large hailstones that smashed down from the clouds and covered huge areas of Sydney. The hail was piled up across my ground.

Again, I inspected the damage in my garden. The leaves of my sweet potato plants were shredded, as were the leaves of other smaller plants. I cautiously turned to check the snow pea seedlings. They were still there, looking quite healthy. I smiled, and marvelled at the resilience of these seedlings - they really wanted to thrive! 

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