05 April 2015

My book of the month: April

I need to tell you straight away that this thriller is not for the squeamish. Without giving a spoiler, I can't give you the reason but please be aware some readers may be revolted by the exposed crimes.

However, the reason I was engrossed by the story is that I didn't see where it was going until near the end. That's always the sign of a great plot, I think. I thought I knew what the crime would be, since it was set in a care home, but I was wrong.

You can read more about The Exit by Helen Fitzgerald on Goodreads.


  1. I love a good thriller (and I don't think I'm a squeamish person) so have put this book on hold at my library, always nice to have a new author to read.

  2. Sounds awful... I've just ordered it from Book Depository ( our library here in NZ didn't have it!) Linda


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