21 April 2015

Playing with words

I have rarely played Scrabble during my life. I knew about it and played the board game occasionally at the homes of friends but I never became an aficionado until I discovered I could play with letters and words on my tablet.

Classic Words is my app of choice for three reasons: it's free, I can play it offline so there aren't any annoying advertisements, and I don't have to wait for an online opponent to be available. Playing against the droid is fun (I have won 59.1% of the 1209 games I have played) and I can change the level of difficulty if I choose. Happy, happy!

Do you have a favourite word game? Let us know!


  1. I do play Words w/Friends with hubby and two others...favorite (although not word game) is Trivia Crack...it's like Jeopardy except multiple choice...I even play against my 15 yr grand daughter, who beats me...keeps the minds sharp...any game is good!

    1. I worry that if I branch out with different games, Robbie, I might spend all my time playing!


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