26 April 2015


I love hearing stories from people I meet. Every time I hear another story, I think how it adds another layer of complexity to my perception of the storyteller. 

Last week, I was talking to a 90 year old woman who was keen to share her story of a nocturnal malfunction of her fire alarm the previous day. It is a hard-wired one, so not easy for her to access or control. The fire brigade came along in the wee hours of the morning to assist. She admired the firemen who responded to her call ("very handsome").

This woman uses a walker to get around; she does her own shopping and cleaning; and she has a most wonderful attitude of positivity. I see her around a couple of times a week; sometimes she stops for a chat, while other times she simply waves and continues on. I have had to rescue her from the disabled toilet several times, when the locking system has failed. She thought that was an adventure.

These are the stories that enrich our interactions with others. They have been shared in every culture throughout the world to entertain, inform or preserve unique memories. If you ever see me wandering around, be sure to stop me so we can have a yarn and, in the process, get to know each other a little more.


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