14 April 2015

Textiles Tuesday

Here it is again: my monthly collection of links for you to explore. Enjoy!

* The Real Deal on Tartan, Kilts, and Outlander Costumes - a fascinating article by Brenna Barks, an expert on Scottish dress and 18th-century fashion, about the accuracy (or not) of the costumes created for the Outlander TV series.

* Lisa Walton has just released the second eBook in her Creative Journeys series: Beading on Fabric. It's available for purchase from Amazon.

* Here's another take on quilt pricing, this time by Jennifer Moore.I think the more discussion we have about this issue, the better educated we all become about how much our quilt making actually costs.

* Do you want to design your own fabric? Spoonflower has made its popular and very informative Basics class available online. You can download the class kit with an instructor’s guide and student handouts. Use the materials to teach yourself or a group.

* Do you like sewing hexagons? You may like to follow this hexagon blog hop

* Here's another thoughtful post by Abby Glassenberg, this time about a publisher's right to sell individual patterns from books they publish.

* See photos of the finalists in the AQC Challenge 2015: True Blue

* Art Quilt Australia 2015: call for entries. Details here.

* For your diaries: 3 July - 22 November 2015, War Quilts Exhibition curated by Annette Gero, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, NSW.


  1. Having just moved to Scotland, I feel like I've just walked onto the set of Outlander! Your Lucy Boston Quilt is coming on a treat - it will be stunning once it's done! xCathy

    1. Thanks Cathy! I am so enjoying the hand piecing. I regret I didn't visit Scotland when I was in the UK some years ago. Such am interesting place.


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