11 May 2015

Three things I like this week

I often feel overwhelmed by all the horrible things that are going on in our world. It makes me feel sad and totally powerless and I don't want to feel that way.

To counteract this, I'm starting a series of weekly posts about things I like. Here are my three things I like this week.

1. Starting today, I have two weeks off from my day job. There are so many things I could do during this time but nothing I must do. That's my idea of a real holiday!

2. I have 11 new library books sitting in a pile on my table. Brand-new titles, waiting to be devoured. Reading is such an essential part of my life and it's wonderful to be able to make my selection. I feel secure when I have a pile of new books waiting!

3. These violas. Their lovely 'faces' make me smile, every time. I think I'll plant some more so they can greet me from different parts of my garden.

What things do you like this week?

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