25 May 2015

Three things I like this week

Celebrating the small things that make life lovely!

1. Mandarins. Really, who can't be entranced by these colourful orbs of deliciousness? I have a mandarin tree in a large pot and it fruits like crazy every second year. This is one of those years so I'm able to pick a mandarin each day and eat it within minutes. Yum.

2. Rechargeable batteries. Great invention, eh? I'm not just talking about those in-built batteries in our tablets, phones, and laptops but also recharging units for ordinary AA batteries that I use in my doorbell and camera. Brilliant.

3. Clothes dryers. Some days, the washing simply won't dry on the outdoor clothesline. Today's one of those days in Sydney - no wind and no sunshine, just lots of clouds. My washing has been hanging outside for six hours, yet it's still wet. Inside it comes, all of it!

What things do you like this week?


  1. My 17 month old nephew has just discovered mandarins... and tried to fit the whole thing in his mouth at once.

    Me? I'm loving pumpkin season. I made soup this evening and tmrw I will try the pumpkin ginger bread in the free Coles magazine. Yum!

    1. Ooh yes, I saw that recipe. Let us know how you like it?


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