01 June 2015

Hello June

Wow! Here we are, in the sixth month of 2015 already. There's lot to enjoy this month.

Although it's starting to get chilly, there's lots happening in my garden. The zygocactus plants are all flowering and they provide bright patches among the greens. My mandarin and blood orange trees are loaded with fruit (the lemon has a much more modest crop - only four fruit so far).

It's time to put the flannelette sheets on the bed so that when I come home late at night after sitting outside at Swans' games I can get cosy. Luckily I jump up and down a lot at the games so it's not too bad in the night air (not like it will be in August - brr!).

June is when the Sydney Quilt Show is held. I'm hoping the day I attend will be a classic Sydney winter's day, sunny and crisp. After arriving by ferry at the show last year, I'm looking forward to doing so again this time. It will be a day of chatting, admiring quilts, and probably shopping. Yay!

So hello June, it's lovely to greet you.


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