25 June 2015

Three things

Three things I like this week: celebrating the small things that make life lovely!

1. New Liberty fabric. Last week, at the Sydney Craft & Quilt Show, I was thrilled to shop from The Strawberry Thief. What a stunning display of Liberty fabrics it was! One of the pieces I purchased was this Alice in Wonderland print. Such fun.

2. Writing. I have several writing projects on the go and it's so satisfying! One of them involves creating characters and an imaginary location - I can't tell you how weird that feels, to simply make up stuff! I can have my characters do whatever I want, wherever I want. It's very liberating.

3. Sprouting broccoli. I was excited to spot an edible head of broccoli forming in the centre of one of my plants today. I wonder if it knows I plan to devour it once it grows larger?

What do you like this week?


  1. I'm part of a writing meetup here in Brisbane to stretch my creative writing skills - it's such fun. And no pressure or deadlines. And my characters are living in my head - something I'd read about, but have now experienced.

    1. I spend a lot of time inside my head, Kate!


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