27 June 2015

Who counts the kindness?

Several of my friends are interested enough in their exercise programs to count the distances they walk. Technology has aided them; I see regular updates, direct from their Fitbit activity trackers, on Facebook or Twitter.

We all love aids that assist us to reach our goals, keep track of our progress, or record our productivity. They are handy and help us measure various aspects of our day-to-day lives. I'm keen on lists - those in my head and those written on paper. There's immense satisfaction to be had from crossing out items, once accomplished.

I've been thinking, though. Maybe it's not enough to measure our busyness. Surely there are other, more important, parts of our lives that should be counted?

It's the small moments and simple gestures that make our lives shine. Who counts the kind words that are spoken to a friend? Does anyone measure the simple smiles and hellos given to strangers in a shop or on a bus? The number of times we say 'thank you' to people with whom we work? Or the comforts, given freely, offered by a quick hug?

Do we even observe these actions in our lives? I wonder if the act of counting makes us notice them more. If that's the case, let's start tallying all these things. I'm guessing we'll realise that there simply aren't enough of these actions in our lives. Don't you agree there's always room for more kindness in our world?

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