28 July 2015

Textiles Tuesday

Yes it is! Read on to see what I have gathered for you this month.

* Wow! Check out this photo of the Victorian Quilters' Quilt Showcase Best of Show quilt, A Journey to Nirvana, by Sugy Kim. Fantastic!

* If you're quick, you can enter your work in Art Quilt Australia 2015. Entries close 7 August.

* Did you plagiarize that quilt? - an interesting article about the fine line between copying other people's designs for profit  and designing your own work.

* Are you interested in owning your own quilt shop business? Here's a great opportunity for Sydneysiders: Cottage Quiltworks CQW at Warriewood is for sale.

* Did you know? Cotton + Steel Fabrics has a new blog.

* Do you know about Conversations with the Makers? It's a website where Glenys Mann asks questions of fibre and textile artists. Their answers provide insight into their creative practices. Always interesting.

* 15-23 August, Flight exhibition, Balmain NSW.

 * Another instance of a businesses selling illegally copied designs. Target caught ripping off design from Melbourne business Peaches and Keen for children's clothing.

* Here's a handy tutorial for anyone who wants to learn to do Tunisian crochet.

* 1-2 August, Camden Country Quilters' Guild exhibition, Camden NSW.

* Spoonflower's blog has a series of interviews with fabric designers. Here's an interview with Denyse Schmidt.

So there you have it - 11 links to follow this month. Don't forget to get in touch with me if you have anything of interest to share. I love receiving your email!   

21 July 2015

Three things

Tuesday brings you three things I like this week.

1. My new Facebook page. I've started a public page so I can reserve my personal Facebook page for family and real-life friends. Come on over and say hello; it would be lovely to see you!

2. Eating salmon. I've always loved the taste of good salmon and try to eat it every week. While visiting Canada some years ago, I ate that delicious fish every way I could. Wow, they serve salmon in so many different ways! I was reminded of this yesterday, when I went out to a birthday lunch. Atlantic salmon glazed with ginger and soy, with bok choy and ramen noodles - yum. What's your favourite dish?

3. Winter flowers. There aren't many plants flowering in my garden this week but the sweet violets are showing their blooms. They have spread from a section taken from my father's garden, a few years ago. It's only this year that they have established themselves and spread. So beautiful.

What do you like this week?


19 July 2015


Hello! I'm popping in to show you what I've been nurturing since June - these tiny sprouted seeds of Aquilegia (you may know them better as Granny's Bonnet or Columbine). They are my absolute favourite garden flowers.

The seeds are tiny, black, glossy parcels of potential new life. I nestled them in moist peat pots in my windowsill greenhouse until the first sign of growth emerged. Now the tiny plants measure the length of my finger (to the first joint). I whisper to them every day, to encourage their development. I love this miracle of life; it's always a cause for celebration.

14 July 2015

Three things

These are three things I like this week:

1. Making technology work for me. I bought a new modem/router for my internet connection a few weeks ago but couldn't get it to connect to my ISP. I always find these sorts of things take much longer than originally expected, so I reluctantly put it aside until I had a block of time.

That was today. During a phone call with a technical support person from my provider, we managed to get it talking to my ISP. I'm grateful for the support person's patience and technical skill. Finally I have WIFI access within my house. Hooray!

2. Brilliant carnival organs. Just look at this beauty! This is one of the photos I took while attending a party at Fairground Follies on the weekend; it's a Mortier Taj Mahal. What a hidden Sydney treasure.

3. Organising my desk. Sounds as if it may be mundane but it's essential for me. Everything is clean, with paperwork filed and extraneous objects removed. I'm ready for some serious writing time. Cannot wait to get started!

What do you like this week?

12 July 2015

Lucy Boston update

I'm still enjoying piecing my Lucy Boston quilt and thought you might like to see my progress.

It's pleasing to sew the blocks together as I go, rather than waiting until I have stitched all the blocks. That way, I have a sense of achievement and a feeling that this may actually end up as a quilt! 

07 July 2015

Three things

Three things I like this week: celebrating the small things that make life lovely! 

1. Hand-dyed wool. I love the subtle colour variations that occur in hand-dyed materials. My friend Lisa gave me this 4-ply wool yesterday. She dyed it in skeins so we had some fun using her wool winder to make them into these two cakes. Gorgeous! I think I might knit them into a cowl to keep my neck warm on these chilly days.

2. Soup. What's not to love about a bowl of hot soup on cold days? Warms from the insides. Yum.

3. New toothbrushes. Sometimes it's the everyday things that make life so much easier for us. Someone, somewhere, decided that the handles of toothbrushes should be rounded and have odd-shaped bumps on them. Once the other manufacturers saw this, they decided to copy and it is now impossible to buy toothbrushes with straight, flat handles from the normal sources (supermarkets and pharmacies). I have tried multiple brands and shapes of toothbrushes in an attempt to find one that's comfortable and easy to use but they have all failed me.

One of my Facebook friends suggested I buy these online from The Environmental Toothbrush. Hooray! They are exactly what I wanted. Thanks Jenn.

01 July 2015

My book of the month: July

What a delight! Arkie used to be a trend spotter, advising businesses on the next 'big thing'. She was highly in demand until her marriage ended and she floundered, losing her mojo along the way.

Arkie's a believer in 'signs' so, naturally, when her new friend suggests a pilgrimage, Arkie sets out to look for anything that will help her rediscover her life. Who knew that this would take her on a journey through Australia's Big Things?

This novel is fun and it is funny but it is also shows us true wisdom. I loved it.

You can read more about Arkie's Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing by Lisa Walker on Goodreads.