07 July 2015

Three things

Three things I like this week: celebrating the small things that make life lovely! 

1. Hand-dyed wool. I love the subtle colour variations that occur in hand-dyed materials. My friend Lisa gave me this 4-ply wool yesterday. She dyed it in skeins so we had some fun using her wool winder to make them into these two cakes. Gorgeous! I think I might knit them into a cowl to keep my neck warm on these chilly days.

2. Soup. What's not to love about a bowl of hot soup on cold days? Warms from the insides. Yum.

3. New toothbrushes. Sometimes it's the everyday things that make life so much easier for us. Someone, somewhere, decided that the handles of toothbrushes should be rounded and have odd-shaped bumps on them. Once the other manufacturers saw this, they decided to copy and it is now impossible to buy toothbrushes with straight, flat handles from the normal sources (supermarkets and pharmacies). I have tried multiple brands and shapes of toothbrushes in an attempt to find one that's comfortable and easy to use but they have all failed me.

One of my Facebook friends suggested I buy these online from The Environmental Toothbrush. Hooray! They are exactly what I wanted. Thanks Jenn.


  1. I got my toothbrushes yesterday and I am SO enjoying using mine. I remember the good old Tek toothbrushes I grew up with and these are similar but nicer because they are wood.

    1. They're fabulous, aren't they. Kate? It's the little things...


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