14 July 2015

Three things

These are three things I like this week:

1. Making technology work for me. I bought a new modem/router for my internet connection a few weeks ago but couldn't get it to connect to my ISP. I always find these sorts of things take much longer than originally expected, so I reluctantly put it aside until I had a block of time.

That was today. During a phone call with a technical support person from my provider, we managed to get it talking to my ISP. I'm grateful for the support person's patience and technical skill. Finally I have WIFI access within my house. Hooray!

2. Brilliant carnival organs. Just look at this beauty! This is one of the photos I took while attending a party at Fairground Follies on the weekend; it's a Mortier Taj Mahal. What a hidden Sydney treasure.

3. Organising my desk. Sounds as if it may be mundane but it's essential for me. Everything is clean, with paperwork filed and extraneous objects removed. I'm ready for some serious writing time. Cannot wait to get started!

What do you like this week?

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  1. Not writing to trees but checking out my daughters garden here in Mb as we await arrival of her 2nd baby


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