21 July 2015

Three things

Tuesday brings you three things I like this week.

1. My new Facebook page. I've started a public page so I can reserve my personal Facebook page for family and real-life friends. Come on over and say hello; it would be lovely to see you!

2. Eating salmon. I've always loved the taste of good salmon and try to eat it every week. While visiting Canada some years ago, I ate that delicious fish every way I could. Wow, they serve salmon in so many different ways! I was reminded of this yesterday, when I went out to a birthday lunch. Atlantic salmon glazed with ginger and soy, with bok choy and ramen noodles - yum. What's your favourite dish?

3. Winter flowers. There aren't many plants flowering in my garden this week but the sweet violets are showing their blooms. They have spread from a section taken from my father's garden, a few years ago. It's only this year that they have established themselves and spread. So beautiful.

What do you like this week?


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