04 August 2015

Three things

It's been a challenge this time but I guess that's the point - to focus on the positive and not let the negative get to you. Here are three things I like this week.

1. Snow peas. Delicious straight from the plant, these crispy delights are prolific in my garden. I'm munching snow peas every day for two reasons: I love their flavour and picking them makes more develop! That's a win-win in my opinion.

 2.  Discovering there's more beneath the surface. It's been disappointing to discover this week that I don't really know some people at all. Seeing into their hearts has been illuminating and confirmed that I don't want to be tainted with their poisonous thoughts. That's the upside: eliminating them from my life. 

3. The Sydney Swans Football Club. I've been a paid-up member of this club for 20 years but have been supporting the team at games for many years more than that. We attended a pre-game club function last Saturday to recognise that. I love my red-and-white family and Saturday's banner shows why.

Enjoy your week, everyone, and keep looking for the good things in your life.


  1. Try raw snow peas with cashews. Great flavour combo!

    1. I certainly will try that - thanks for the suggestion, Gina.


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