18 August 2015

Three things

To help me focus on the positive parts of life, here are three things I like this week.

1. My nephew. He's home for a month after his second year of studying overseas and it's been wonderful to see and hug him again. Yeah, technology's great but there's nothing like real face-to-face time with people, is there? Lovely.

2. Focusing on the detail. I love taking close-up photographs of plants, particularly flowers, showing the intricacy of their forms. When's the last time you looked close into the centres of  flowers? You will be amazed what there is to see!

This is a poppy from my garden. I love the softness and subtle pleating of those petals and look at all the stamens, ripe with pollen! Beautiful.

This one's a flower head of a spring onion that's emerging from its papery skin. There's still a way to go before it is completely unfurled and I'll be taking photos most days to capture the changes. Magic.

3. Planning an excursion. I'm looking forward to a viewing of the Labours of Love:Australian Quilts 1845-2015 exhibition with a friend in a couple of weeks. The Evolution, Change, Challenge Contemporary Quilt Exhibition will be on at the same time we will be visiting - yay! 

What things are you enjoying this week?


  1. I'm also a fan of close up of flower centres, have quite a collection of photos now. I love the spring onion photo especially.
    The peace and quiet of being the first one up and about in the house at around 6.00am and sitting quietly with a cup of tea watching the sunrise in a comfy chair!!

    1. I know! It's fascinating to get up close and personal with flowers.

  2. Your photos are wonderful. I am increasingly in awe of nature's forms. You just couldn't make it up, really, could you. It's mind-boggling when you stop to take it all in and really examine it. I love you little story below, btw! Do you still dream of fairies? xCathy

    1. Thanks Cathy. If we look very closely, a whole new world of detail is revealed. Magic.


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