21 October 2015

Going on an excursion

I'm a person who likes to be at home. Pottering around my garden, reading and writing, working on various sewing projects, and simply taking time to recharge - it's how I like to spend my life. I never have any problem finding things to do at home.

Love this fence!

It has to be something special to make me walk out the front door. My day job is one of these reasons, obviously, because it provides me with the income to pay my bills (yes, we all have those pesky bills, don't we?). Meeting with friends and family is another, as is going to watch my footy team play.

The vegetable garden at Elizabeth Farm.

Lately, though, I've been trying to have a variety of excursions. Taking myself to a place I've never been before or to an event that's new to me - these are the excursions that will give me different perspectives and fuel my creativity.

The oldest olive tree in Australia is at Elizabeth Farm.

Last weekend, I visited the Spring Harvest day at Elizabeth Farm in Rosehill, NSW. Let me tell you a little about that place. Building commenced in 1793 to create this home for John and Elizabeth Macarthur, who had arrived in the colony with one of their children in 1790 on the Second Fleet. It is the oldest existing colonial house in Australia. Today, it is a museum operated by Sydney Living Museums on behalf of the people of NSW. You can read more about the history of the place here.

 Part of the house, with vegetable garden nearby.

As I wandered around the gardens, it was difficult to believe this historic property is in the middle of a built-up and densely populated Sydney suburb. I came home with recently harvested lettuce and radishes, and freshly-baked olive and rosemary bread purchased from vendors. I also came home mentally refreshed, having immersed myself in evidence of our colonial past.

Convict-made bricks in the courtyard.

Do you have regular excursions? Where did you go?


  1. I also can quite happily play at home alone and see nothing wrong with that.I also love both the fences ,fence no. 1 i saw in Japan a lot many years ago.While fence no.2 is the old traditional English wattle style fence .Used to help and old farmer in England make them back in the 1980's.Ours were a bit taller and used with sheep .

    1. Oh yes, I love the fences, too. Must try to make some!


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