14 October 2015

Poppy pleasure

For the first time in many years, I planted Iceland poppies in my garden this year. A punnet containing only six plants has given me so much pleasure as I tended the growing seedlings and watched them develop. Oh, the flowers!

 I love taking close-up photos so I can see the intricate detail of these delicate blooms. Those stamens! Look at all the pollen waiting to be released.

Look carefully and you'll see the ovary, waiting to be fertilised. And the colours! Gloriously subtle shade variations on a single petal.

Poppies are a must-plant for me now. I settled the seedlings in a sunny garden bed in June, watered them regularly with Seasol and watched the leaves spread. The first flower head, covered in its furry layer, appeared at the end of July. By August, there were unfurled petals and the bees came a-buzzing!

There are still new flowers coming each week but, as the temperature heats up,  I know my plants will yellow and soon be gone for this season. The pleasure of anticipation for next year's crop will last for eight months and I think I'll be reckless and plant two punnets next winter!

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