10 October 2015

Three things

I confess it's a strain isolating three things I like each week. Sometimes there are so many from which to choose while, other times, I can barely think of a single noteworthy item. That's my challenge, though! Here are the three things I like this week.

1. Creating imaginary people
 If you read my Facebook page, you'll know I've been using photos of people from magazines as inspiration to create characters for a story I'm planning. Once I had a clear idea of how I want these imaginary people to look, I've been assigning them other characteristics and histories. Now I understand why having imaginary friends is fun!

2. Visiting an archaeological dig

Yes, a real one! It was at Parramatta Park, one of the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage properties. I've always been interested in stories - those of people who have gone before us and those who are still with us - so I was excited to see what has been recently discovered there by archaeologists.

This photo shows remains of convict huts believed to date back to 1790, two years after the English founded their colony at Parramatta. They were searching for arable land in 1788 to grow food to support those who came on the First Fleet. Fascinating!

3.  The end of the footy season

It's been a long six months since our team played the first game of the 2015 AFL season. I'm glad it's over now because it really hasn't been an enjoyable year. Player injuries, some tedious games, and disgraceful behaviour by some sections of certain clubs' supporters combined to tarnish my enjoyment. So I like that it's over for this year. Now I can start anticipating a fresh start in 2016!

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  1. I like to do 'gratitude' with my kids. We have to think of what we are grateful for that day. Helps me keep my first world life in perspective.
    Would love to visit that Parramatta dig.


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