17 October 2015

Three things

Hooray for the weekend! No day job this Saturday or Sunday but I do have to start working on a commissioned article. That's something I can do from my home desk, surrounded by my my lovely indoor plants. Aren't I fortunate?

1. Cutting fabric

I've had a total not-interested-in-sewing few months. Does that happen to you, too? I simply wasn't keen to take a stitch. This week, though, I've started cutting three-inch squares of fabric so I can start a simple scrap quilt. All my unfinished quilt tops require creative contemplation before I take the next step so I thought starting a new project, a straightforward project, would help. It did!

2.  This book: Wendy Whiteley and the Secret Garden

Have you seen this glorious book yet? It's large, with stunning photographs that illustrate this Sydney garden wonder. The text by Janet Hawley tells the story of Wendy's garden and how it helped to recover from the painful loss of her husband and daughter. If ever there was a story about the healing quality of creating a garden, this is it. 


3. A fun quiz: which punctuation mark are you?

From the Oxford Dictionaries blog, this quiz asks you to answer a few questions before it tells you which punctuation mark best captures your personality. 

Quite accurately, I think, my result is that I am a ? Yes, I'm that annoying person who keeps asking 'why?' all the time! If you take the quiz, let me know your result - it's just a bit of fun.

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