23 November 2015

Breathing space

I've spent most of the past seven days at home, pottering. It was the first week of a three-week break from my day job and I expected to revel in the extra time to sew and write. Yet, I did neither.

Instead, I drifted around my house, doing a small task here and another one there - drilling four holes in a wall to put up hanging baskets (but not planting the flowers), reading four books, enjoying my morning coffee each day, watching the cricket on TV, and daydreaming (I'd like to call it 'thinking' but it wasn't that focussed). Each day, I'd consider blogging but couldn't think of a single thing to write.

Eventually, I understood I was giving myself time to regroup; time to simply be by myself. The days passed quickly and I realised it wasn't necessary to be 'doing' something. It is enough to allow breathing space.

11 November 2015

Three things

Here I am again, looking for the positive in my week!

1. Sewing

Yay, it's back (my sewing mojo, that is)! I haven't used my sewing machine for so long but now it's quietly helping me make a quilt. A simple layout of squares cut from fabric I already own; it's giving me pleasure to see how the pieces combine.

2. Lessons from Great Gardeners by Matthew Biggs

This beautiful book is full of wisdom from gardeners (mostly) of the past. Initially I thought this would be the type of book that I would quickly flip through but it isn't. The subtitle explains why there is so much to learn here: Forty Gardening Icons and What They Teach Us. Interesting and useful.

3. It's cricket season

OK, so the first Test against New Zealand was one-sided but it's still great to have international cricket back for the summer. Go Aussies!

08 November 2015

My book of the month: November

It's not a novel this month but a year's collection of carefully observed moments. Intertwining events from her own life with the nurturing of her tiny inner-city garden, Margaret Simons gently reminds us that there is a season for all that life offers us.

The beauty of this small book of memories is that it can be dipped into and appreciated, no matter how little time you may have for reading. It is a delight.

Read more about this book on Goodreads.