23 November 2015

Breathing space

I've spent most of the past seven days at home, pottering. It was the first week of a three-week break from my day job and I expected to revel in the extra time to sew and write. Yet, I did neither.

Instead, I drifted around my house, doing a small task here and another one there - drilling four holes in a wall to put up hanging baskets (but not planting the flowers), reading four books, enjoying my morning coffee each day, watching the cricket on TV, and daydreaming (I'd like to call it 'thinking' but it wasn't that focussed). Each day, I'd consider blogging but couldn't think of a single thing to write.

Eventually, I understood I was giving myself time to regroup; time to simply be by myself. The days passed quickly and I realised it wasn't necessary to be 'doing' something. It is enough to allow breathing space.

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