11 November 2015

Three things

Here I am again, looking for the positive in my week!

1. Sewing

Yay, it's back (my sewing mojo, that is)! I haven't used my sewing machine for so long but now it's quietly helping me make a quilt. A simple layout of squares cut from fabric I already own; it's giving me pleasure to see how the pieces combine.

2. Lessons from Great Gardeners by Matthew Biggs

This beautiful book is full of wisdom from gardeners (mostly) of the past. Initially I thought this would be the type of book that I would quickly flip through but it isn't. The subtitle explains why there is so much to learn here: Forty Gardening Icons and What They Teach Us. Interesting and useful.

3. It's cricket season

OK, so the first Test against New Zealand was one-sided but it's still great to have international cricket back for the summer. Go Aussies!

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