05 December 2015

My book of the month: December

I started reading this novel thinking it was a romance with a cute angle; two nerds who first met each other at a national spelling bee when they were children. Underneath, though, it is that age-old plot of a man and a woman who finally come together after overcoming life's obstacles.

Stanley (a crossword puzzle constructor) and Vera (a mathematics professor) use their unique skills to stay in touch with each other even as their lives play out in different cities. It's only after Stanley understands his true feelings for Vera that he attempts to find her, through crossword puzzle clues.

This is a clever novel that shows that there is someone for everyone; even if finding that person can take a lifetime.

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  1. This sounds like an intriguing plot. I think it may suit several folks I know for Christmas! xCathy

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. Just finished it over the Christmas break and really enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Jan. I'm always doubtful about recommending novels; reading is such a personal interaction with a book, isn't it?


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