22 December 2015

Summer solstice

When we live in cities, we can easily lose track of the rhythms of the earth. Since we can buy most of the same fruit and vegetables all year round (even if they have been flown from the other side of the world), we are often out of touch with the seasons.

Today is the summer solstice here - the day when the sun's track across the sky reaches its highest point - and commonly called the longest day of the year.

My hydrangea is in full bloom and today we are grateful to have rain. From now on, the minutes of daily sunlight that blasts on these glorious plants slowly decreases and, for that, my garden and I say thanks.


  1. ....and MY hydrangea is getting battered to bits by the wind and is all dried up! Hope it survives til Spring! Happy Christmas and a great new year, Erica! xCathy

    1. They are tough plants, aren't they Cathy? Looking forward to seeing a photo of yours in flower next year! Enjoy your Christmas and New Year and thanks for reading my blog.


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