09 December 2015

Three things

Hooray for Wednesday! Here are three things I like this week.

1. Southerly busters

Is that what you call them, too, or is that a Sydney thing? Those wonderfully cooling weather fronts that come from the south*, bringing gusts of cold air that make the temperature drop immediately. They announce their arrival by slamming doors closed and hurling leaves into the air. We've had a few of them over the past weeks and I love them. The cooler air always makes me feel human again.

* Obviously cooler air from the south is a southern hemisphere thing - you know that, right?

2. Being organised

Bring on 2016 - I'm ready!

3. Going back to work

I've enjoyed a wonderful three-week break from my day job and I'm returning today. I've loved the flexibility of doing whatever I wanted and the ability to catch up on all those tasks on my to-do list. But it's time to get the structure of work back (at least until I have another break at the end of this month!). 

What do you like this week?

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