26 December 2015

Three things

I confess it would have been easier to write about three things I don't like this week, but that's not the point, is it? So here we go!

1. It rained!

Properly. For a full day and a couple of nights, it rained softly and steadily, while the ground absorbed the precious water. Buildings, trees, and shrubs were gently cleaned of city grime and the earth said thanks. That's the first rain we've had here for a month and we were grateful.

2. Practical beauty

I received these secateurs as a gift from a friend. Adorned with the William Morris Cray design, they are gorgeous. I'm looking forward to using them in my garden.

3. My renewed driver's licence arrived and my photo doesn't look hideous

I had my doubts that it would arrive at all since it took three weeks to be delivered to my mailbox. It finally arrived and I cautiously peered at the photo, worried that I would be unrecognisable, but was OK. Not brilliant, but OK. I can live with that! (No, I'm not sharing it here. That's too much to expect!).

Random fact: when having your photo taken for a driver's licence in NSW, you now have to have your eyebrows showing in the picture. True!


  1. Wasn't the rain wonderful? Everything could breathe again. Do like the secateurs. And yes a good RMS photo is to be celebrated. No teeth are allowed and no expression, so everyone's photo usually looks like they're in the morgue.

    1. And it's drizzling this afternoon! Lovely.

  2. Love the secateurs.

    1. So do I! They are from the V&A collection.


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