25 January 2016

Crepe myrtle

Against all advice, last winter I cut back the limbs on my crepe myrtle tree. Glorious as it was, it was growing too large for my small garden and branches were reaching over the fence into my neighbour's yard. 

I was reluctant to do such heavy pruning because I thought I might ruin the natural shape of the tree but it was simply too big. I went ahead with my pruning saw, realising the tree may miss a season of flowering. I was so sad about how it looked that I couldn't bear to take a photo of the poor nude limbs.

New branches emerged and spread out. Leaves appeared and unfurled. The tree looked healthy and happy. I was thrilled that its shape wasn't deformed and it looked as beautiful as it had before.

Then it flowered! Clusters of perfectly formed frilly-edged blooms became visible and I was excited. 

Who wouldn't want a crepe myrtle in their garden? Each season brings a new delight. The leaves colour beautifully before they fall in autumn, and the bare boughs stand outlined against the sky in winter. Spring is exciting when the new leaves appear, and summer - well summer is the flowering season. Oh, and the bark peels off in gorgeous strips. I only wish I could plant more. 

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