30 January 2016

Clearing the e-clutter

I love that the internet easily enables me to find information about anything. If I have a sudden urge to learn about an unfamiliar term or to confirm a fact, my search engine is immediately revved up. 

My information comes to me from so many sources: blog feeds, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Instagram, email newsletters and Pinterest. I enjoy all of these because I've set them all to push information to me; I don't need to seek it. 

I regularly cull these sources and this week, it's time to start doing it again. If I don't keep the information to a manageable flow, I feel overwhelmed. Frankly, some of it's just not worth my time! These are my criteria:
  • Am I still interested in the subject or has my interest waned? 
  • Does the source engage me or irritate me?
  • Am I still interested in that person or should I move on?
  • Does the source communicate in a manner I enjoy?
  • Is the information useful to me?
  • Does the source say the same thing over and over?
  • Would I like to meet the person in real life?
  • Are there floods of photos of cats or angels? (I have 'unliked' plenty of FB pages for this reason!)
So, here I go again, clearing a swathe through the e-clutter. How often do you do this?

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  1. Not been well the last week and not been spending time on the net ,so Ive just read your post and had a chuckle.We are on the same wave length ,I started yesterday clearing out the e clutter as you call it ,I often have stuff saved that I need for an art project .Once done I don't really need to continue to save the info.


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