16 January 2016

Three things

This week, it's the simple things that have been most enjoyable. That's often the way, isn't it? Making note of the experiences that make you happy; well, that's life-affirming!

1. Walking with a friend

In the fresh air, along paths in a public garden, this walk cleared my head of the day's earlier activities and opened it to new thoughts. Conversing and engaging, observing and learning - all in an environment of calm companionship. Yes.

2. Taking photos

Today I took 150 photos. I am over-stimulated by all the shapes and textures, so need time to process what I have recorded. But isn't our ability to snap digital images extraordinary? I am grateful every day for what technology offers us. Brilliant.

3. Rain

Did we have rain! Serious, steady, glorious rain for several consecutive days. My garden absorbed it all and, once the sun came out again, I thought I could actually see many of the plants growing. No matter how often I water the garden, it is never a substitute for proper rain. Lovely.

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