29 February 2016

Three things

I confess I've been more active on my Facebook page than I have been on this blog during February. I enjoy the immediacy of popping a quick post there and having a dialogue with you. If you are on my page, please say hi!

In the meantime, here are three things I like this week.

1. Resilience

I survived a traumatic event when my car was swamped by storm water. Yes, I was in it and yes, the car was written off. It was an experience I certainly hadn't predicted.

That was a month ago and I have successfully moved on. Old car drowned and gone; new car purchased and being enjoyed. Onwards.

2. Removing barriers

The joy of trust, vulnerability, openness and love. Not much more to say about that here, really. 

3. The end of summer

On the calendar only, but it's a psychological highlight of my year. We'll have another month of hot weather and high humidity but at least I know it is coming to an end. Finally.

Bossa Nova

This gorgeous begonia came into my life last month; as soon as I spotted it in the nursery, I knew it belonged in my garden.

It comes from Floranova, and is one of the Bossa Nova series of Begonia bolivensis. They were developed with red, white, rose, or orange flowers - look at the glorious shades on mine!

Perfect for baskets or pots, these begonias have a cascading habit and stay smothered with bell-shaped flowers from mid-summer onwards. Simply gorgeous.

09 February 2016

My book of the month: February

Look, if you haven't read any of the 44 Scotland Street series, you're missing some beautiful writing. Alexander McCall Smith is such a wonderful observer of life and its idiosyncrasies and he expresses these so cleverly through his characters. 

This is the tenth book in the series. You could start with The Revolving Door of Life but I don't recommend that. Start with the first title (44 Scotland Street) to discover the gently intertwined lives of the residents, all described charmingly by the author.
Delightful yarns, amusing stories and fascinating glimpses into McCall Smith's Scotland. What's not to love?

You can read more about The Revolving Door of Life on Goodreads.