15 March 2016

My book of the month: March

Grand Slam is the third in Kathryn Ledson's Erica Jewell series. You can read it as a stand-alone story but I recommend you start with the first book, Rough Diamond, so that you can understand the context of some events.

Erica Jewell is a great character. She has a full-time job in PR and, in this story, manages Dega Oil's sponsorship of the Australian Open tennis tournament. As events unfold, she also finds herself 'managing' star tennis player Emilio Méndez, the Open's biggest drawcard and quite a challenge. Oh, and did I mention she is trying to find out who is attempting to kill them both?

This story is a great romp through Melbourne and the erratic life of Erica. It's funny and fast-paced; there's adventure and romance. A great read.

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  1. Erica - thank you for this terrific review! If any of your readers/followers has a question for me, I'd be happy to respond. All best, Kathryn

    1. Wow, thanks Kathryn! I have posted this on my FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/ericaspinkspublic/posts/1667074860211302?comment_id=1667078276877627&notif_t=share_comment where there is a question for you already!


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