20 April 2016

Tree ferns

I enjoy the shapes and colours of plants that I see on my walks. These tree ferns at The Australian Botanic Garden caught my eye last month, so I snapped these photos. Such graceful forms!

Life up close

Give me a new toy and play will follow! I recently bought an inexpensive macro lens to attach to my tablet so I could gain a different perspective on common things around me. 

This is a section of my pine table top. More battered than I thought!

Detail of a woven placemat.

A piece of scrambled egg. Gross! Perhaps it's not always desirable to see objects in such detail?

05 April 2016

Creativity interpreted

Creativity is an elusive concept; explaining how it works is intensely personal. I'm always fascinated by individuals' understanding of the process. 

If you're in Australia, I recommend you watch Matilda and Me on iview (it's available there until 18 April). It's the story of Tim Minchin and how he came to write the music for Matilda: the Musical, a most wonderfully joyful musical, which I thoroughly loved.

I was taken by his description of his process and how all his creativity comes out of his head through his fingers and into the piano keys. Wonderful viewing.

04 April 2016

Rain drops

My garden was grateful for the drizzly rain that fell yesterday. It wasn't much and it wasn't heavy, but every drop was captured and enjoyed. May there be more soon!

I snapped this photo of the drops as they gathered on the leaves of my nasturtiums. Life-giving!