04 July 2016

Hello July

I've freshened the look of my blog in honour of the new month. There's been a lot of happy changes in my life in the first half of this year so I wanted Creative Dabbling to reflect those changes. Let's focus on the positive parts of our lives!

You'll see that I have added a new Gardening link at the top of the blog. For a while, I toyed with a separate gardening blog but it felt odd to me; as if I had a split personality! I've added my gardening posts to Creative Dabbling so, if you are interested in my garden musings, this is the first place for you to visit. I may add links on other specific subjects soon.

I'm interested to know what type of posts you would like to read here. Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion; I always like to hear what you think. Thanks to everyone who does leave comments - they are greatly appreciated! 

Enjoy this month and, if it's winter where you are (like it is here in Sydney), stay warm!

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  1. Looking good! Nice to see you at the show too.


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