08 August 2016


Sometimes pulling together all the threads of our lives seems totally overwhelming. I know I often have so many decisions to make - some large but mostly small - that I become paralysed with indecision. That's not how I want to live my life.

So I'm simplifying, paring back.

Over the past few years, I've been consciously considering what adds value to my life and what drags me down. People, objects or activities - if they don't enhance my life, I'm moving away from them. My clothes are due for another huge clear out, as are my craft materials. If I haven't worn or used them, they will go. I know that will free physical space but it will also give me the mental space to enjoy my life more.

Avoiding stories of the horrific events that occur in our world is another way I am clearing space. Such events have always happened but today's social media spreads the news so much more than traditional media of the past ever could. I don't need constant streams of this sort of news. 

I like a simple life. My favourite place in the world is my home. I don't need the constant stimulation of travelling or groups of people; that exhausts my sociability limits. At home, by myself or with my partner - that's what I cherish.

Life is good.  


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