21 November 2016

Can you change it?

Life can be complicated but some people seem to make it even harder than it needs to be. My philosophy is simple: I try to avoid worrying about events I can't control and, instead, attempt to work out what I can change to achieve what I want for my life. 

There are only two answers to this question - yes or no - so the choices are clear.

Can you change it? YES

Do it. Take whatever action required to make the change. 

It may be able to be changed quickly or could take ages. My step away from my 22 years of work in a public library into the world of quilt magazine writing and editing took me several years and a huge leap of faith to achieve but I did it. Now I combine the two work strands and am happier for it. 

Never lose faith if you want to make a change in your life.

Can you change it? NO

Stop whining. You can't change everything you want to be different.  

No one wants to read streams of complaints about how you don't like the government or the weather. Can you change either of these things? If you can, do something about it (good luck with changing the weather - it's more powerful than you). If you can't, stop grumbling about them.

Go find something else to make your life happier.  

Does this seem too simplistic? It's not always straightforward but it works. Go on, try it - I dare you!


  1. Totally agree! Be part of the solution not part of the problem.

    1. Thanks Chris. I'm trying hard to not whine about today's hot weather - lol!


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