14 November 2016

Character building: architect

It's a long process, researching and preparing to write stories. One of my current stories involves Janis who, as part of a new stage in her life, forms a relationship with an architect. 

Part of fleshing out the characters involves learning about work-related traits. This gives me a feel for the type of person I'm creating as I can work out what has attracted them to their professions. It's interesting learning about different types of jobs! 

Please say hello to my character Greg, who is an architect.


  • have excellent communication skills; they especially know how to actively listen and negotiate
  • believe firmly in collaboration; they know that without their clients' vision and their design and building colleagues' skills, their projects will not be successful
  • are creative thinkers; they can say 'what if?' and imagine potential outcomes
  • are great with details yet can still see the big picture
  • are flexible, adaptable, and patient
  • have good drawing and sketching skills
  • are curious; again asking the 'what if?' questions
  • are multi-skilled, with knowledge of business, marketing, real estate, and construction
  • have solid technical abilities; their buildings won't fall down
  • are problem solvers; this ties in with being flexible
  • are well organised
  • have a passion for their work and a strong work ethic.
Are you an architect or do you know one? What other traits of this profession would you add to my list?

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