28 November 2016

Do you know about BookBub?

I discovered BookBub only a few weeks ago and, since then, have enjoyed receiving daily alerts about discounted and free ebooks. You may like to try it, too?

How does it work?

You join online here (it's free) and then choose the types of books you like to read and the authors you want to follow. Every day after that, you will receive a brief email with links to limited-time free and discounted ebooks. You can then browse the deals and download your selected ebooks to whichever of your devices you prefer.

Why would you want this?

You may discover stories you would never have come across before, by authors you've not read before. I have downloaded over ten new-to-me novels since I started using BookBub. 

How come it's free?

BookBub is a marketing tool for authors to connect with readers and they (or their publishers) pay for their books to be featured. All authors want to expand readership of their books so it's a win-win! You can read about BookBub's marketing tips for authors here

Here's a sample screen showing some of the ebook offers tailored to my selections. You can change your selections at any stage.

So, if you would like to widen your reading habits and you like to read ebooks (I know a lot of you prefer print format but BookBub won't help with that), why not try it? It's fun and easy.

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