26 December 2016

Holiday sewing

It's holiday time here so my thoughts turn to sewing. If you're looking for a simple quilt project to make during your holidays, I have a free quilt pattern for you!

This is my Sunshine on Roses quilt, called that because the yellow and pink colours remind me of the dappled sunshine on the petals of the pink rose in my garden. Aah... summer!

Please enjoy my gift to you and enjoy making your own version of Sunshine on Roses. I'd love to see your photos. 

19 December 2016

A new quilt project!

I haven't done much sewing this year because other projects and activities have claimed my time. It's been a wonderful year, with much to celebrate and I'm grateful for all that I've experienced.

But I do long for handwork. Meditative stitching is a great pleasure for me and I've been looking for a project that will challenge and entertain me. Now I've found it - a new BOM project designed by my friend, Sarah Fielke 

Down the Rabbit Hole it is! (Except I'll be doing the floral border option, not the bunnies.)

Sarah has produced these colouring-in sheets to help participants choose fabric colour combinations. Colouring is enjoyable and I've taken out my box of gorgeous Derwent pencils to get started. Such fun!

Colouring will also help keep us occupied while we are waiting for our first cutting and sewing instructions (due at the end of January).

If you'd like to make the BOM, too, you can read about it here. The dedicated Facebook group is already rocking! 

12 December 2016

My book of the month: December

I enjoy Josephine Moon's stories. They are uplifting and show us that all families have complexities and secrets. The Beekeeper's Secret has an added bonus: the joy of a character's relationship with nature.

The beekeeper character is ex-nun Maria, who has tucked herself away on a secluded mountain to serve what she sees as penance for past events she experienced in the Catholic Church. Her relationship with the bees she cultivates is personal and insightful and I loved the interaction they had.

A happy ending? Of course. That's the pleasure of this novel; it kept me engaged and left me feeling satisfied.

Read more about The Beekeeper's Secret on Goodreads.

05 December 2016

Studio inspiration

For issue 82 of Quilters Companion magazine, I was fortunate to share with readers a peek of Prue Noonan's textile studio.

Writing about other quilters' studios is always a privilege. I love learning about how they are set up and how materials are stored. Best of all, I enjoy describing the ways a quilter uses her space to create unique textile pieces. 

Issue 82 is currently on sale, so you can read about Prue's studio, too!