19 December 2016

A new quilt project!

I haven't done much sewing this year because other projects and activities have claimed my time. It's been a wonderful year, with much to celebrate and I'm grateful for all that I've experienced.

But I do long for handwork. Meditative stitching is a great pleasure for me and I've been looking for a project that will challenge and entertain me. Now I've found it - a new BOM project designed by my friend, Sarah Fielke 

Down the Rabbit Hole it is! (Except I'll be doing the floral border option, not the bunnies.)

Sarah has produced these colouring-in sheets to help participants choose fabric colour combinations. Colouring is enjoyable and I've taken out my box of gorgeous Derwent pencils to get started. Such fun!

Colouring will also help keep us occupied while we are waiting for our first cutting and sewing instructions (due at the end of January).

If you'd like to make the BOM, too, you can read about it here. The dedicated Facebook group is already rocking! 

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