27 February 2017

Exploding quilt block diagrams

When I've been writing patterns for my quilts, I've often thought it would be useful to include diagrams that show how the pieces of a block join. I have low-level skills with graphics programs and I don't have expensive software. I use EQ7 for my diagrams but never knew a way to explode those diagrams.

Until now.

Those clever people at EQ have provided tutorials for using two different programs to explode EQ blocks. The first tutorial is for use with Adobe Illustrator, a software program available for purchase.

The second tutorial is for use with Inkscape, a free software program. This is the option I'll be using and I'll download Inkscape to play with its possibilities.

What do you use to explode block diagrams? Do you have a different method?

13 February 2017

In the studio with Ali George

It's always a privilege to write about quilters' studios. I think we can learn from the ways other creative people set up their work spaces; we can see how they organise their materials and consider whether some of their ideas may suit our own studios.

For issue 83 of Quilters Companion magazine, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ali George, who lives on a five-acre property in Queensland. Her descriptions of her two studios (yes, two! How jealous does that make me?) and the surrounding landscape tempted me to move there immediately.

This is part of the joy of writing about creative studios and their owners - it allows me (and eventually you, the readers) to learn about places we may never visit in real life.

Last week I discovered that Ali and her husband are selling their property in Tarome so, if you are tempted, you can move there and allow the stunning scenery inform your textile work, too!