11 July 2017

Making your life the way you want it

A few months ago, I shared with you that I enjoy being a homebody. I cherish being in my nest, in the calm and nurturing environment I have created. I'm exhausted by people who always want more - more travel, more goals, more of this, more of that.

Did you read this article by Wendy Squires in the weekend papers? I felt such relief that someone else feels the same as I do. As Wendy says, "Your life and goals don't happen to look better to me. I don't necessarily want what you want."

And that's the key, I think. We are all different and we make our way in life as best we can, in line with our own priorities. So next time you look at a friend and think, 'she could achieve so much more', just stop. Don't project your personal outlook and goals on to her. 

As Wendy says, "What I will say to those of you who worry about me, who are always asking me what next, who next, or urging me to go harder and faster, is: slow down. I understand you are coming from a good place but it is your place, not mine." 

Yes, indeed.


  1. I consider myself a homebody, too. Reading is as important to me as quilting, and home is my favorite place for both.
    Years ago I watched the actress Glenn Close being interviewed. She was asked about her school years, and said she would be at a party, and think, "Oh, I just want to go home and finish my book". A kindred spirit!

    1. Oh Jan, we sound like twins! I love that quote from Glenn Close. Thanks for sharing it.


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