22 August 2017

It's the small things

It's such a lovely day here in Sydney; is it beautiful where you are, too? I'm at home today and feel extraordinarily at peace. Nothing major has happened but I've been pottering around my house, doing all those small things that make me feel good.

I've picked all the remaining blood oranges from my potted tree. It's been such a great crop this year! I'll be squeezing the gorgeous juice from these fruit and enjoying the sun-kissed dose of goodness.

The washing is hanging quietly on the line outside and I've just come back from inhaling the scent that it is giving off as it dries in the sun. I love that sun-fresh smell, don't you?

I bought myself a new garden rake and a reading lamp today. Small things in themselves but they'll make my life easier. It doesn't take much to make my nest more comfortable.

I even hosed out the wheelie bin! Perhaps I have gone all domestic because my bin hasn't been cleaned out like that for ages. It makes me content, though.

As you can see, it doesn't take much to make me happy. Does your happiness quota get topped up by simple actions, too?

14 August 2017

Digital protection

I have a LOT of digital files and photos. I am also slightly paranoid about losing them all in a digital catastrophe, which means I make multiple backups. It's my responsibility to look after all my digital records and I'll only have myself to blame if I lose them because my computer drives fail or I lose my tablet. 

Computer programs and apps can always be reinstalled if lost, but data can't be reinstated if I don't have copies. So what do I do?

1. External hard drive
I have two and they contain everything I value. One is permanently attached to my desktop computer and the other moves around, depending where I want it. Two external drives are better than one (it's that mild paranoia!).

2. USB drives
These are small, light and easy to carry around. I have several.

3. Email
I often email important documents to myself, which means they are stored in yet another place. After I spend hours editing or writing, the last thing I need is to lose all that work.

4. The "cloud"
I sometimes (but not always) save files this way. I think that what some people often forget is that the "cloud" is simply someone else's computer, usually belonging to a large company. No one values my files as much as I do, so I would never consider making my sole backup on someone else's computer. It is always possible that there could be hardware failures at their end or that staff could access my files. Told you I am paranoid! 😀

Really, though, we each need to decide how valuable our files and photos are to us and then back them up accordingly. What type of backup do you do?

07 August 2017

Three things I like this week

Whew! Things sometimes happen when you least expect them, while other actions are carefully planned. Balancing everything going on in your life can be a challenge, which is why I try to focus on the positives.

1. Winter in Sydney

We are having the most glorious sunny days this week. The wind has quite a chill factor, so it's not as warm outside as it looks from behind my window, but the sun lifts my spirits and makes everything seem better.

I tag my winter seasonal photos on Instagram (I'm @ericaspinks) with the hashtag #winterinsydney and it's fun to look back at moments I've captured with my camera.

2. Knitting

Picking up a knitting project I started over 10 years ago (I know - how slack!), I'm wondering if I will finish it this season. I've already knitted the front and back of the jumper, joined them at the shoulders, and finished the neckline so that just leaves the sleeves for me to make. Keep your fingers crossed that I have enough yarn to complete it because I doubt I'd find any more now.

Do you like my knitting bag? It was a birthday gift from my friend Sarah. Gorgeous Liberty fabrics! (You can buy the pattern for her bag here, if you want to make one yourself. It's amazingly spacious.)

3. Sorting electronic clutter

I enjoy using my electronic devices - computer, tablet and phone - but regularly I need to tame the data they contain. Purging apps, leaving email lists, deleting photos, unfollowing people and pages, and organising files - it all soothes me and makes me feel that I control a tiny space in the universe. So satisfying.

What has made you happy this week?