22 August 2017

It's the small things

It's such a lovely day here in Sydney; is it beautiful where you are, too? I'm at home today and feel extraordinarily at peace. Nothing major has happened but I've been pottering around my house, doing all those small things that make me feel good.

I've picked all the remaining blood oranges from my potted tree. It's been such a great crop this year! I'll be squeezing the gorgeous juice from these fruit and enjoying the sun-kissed dose of goodness.

The washing is hanging quietly on the line outside and I've just come back from inhaling the scent that it is giving off as it dries in the sun. I love that sun-fresh smell, don't you?

I bought myself a new garden rake and a reading lamp today. Small things in themselves but they'll make my life easier. It doesn't take much to make my nest more comfortable.

I even hosed out the wheelie bin! Perhaps I have gone all domestic because my bin hasn't been cleaned out like that for ages. It makes me content, though.

As you can see, it doesn't take much to make me happy. Does your happiness quota get topped up by simple actions, too?

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