11 September 2017

My book of the month: September

What if all your secrets were put online? This is the premise of the latest Jack Parlabane thriller (number eight in the series) by Chris Brookmyre.

I first came across this series when I read Black Widow, a ripper of a story that is number seven in the series. After that, I planned to start at the beginning with book one (Quite Ugly One Morning) but didn't get around to it before Want You Gone was published.

It's natural that a computer hacker and a journalist would have a mutual interest to obtain information but it's when they both realise they have a common enemy that they are thrown together. The story moves quickly and there are a few twists throughout the plot to keep the reader surprised. 

Now I WILL go back to start at book one! 😃

Read more about Want You Gone on Goodreads.

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