25 September 2017

Three things I like this week

Hello everyone! It's lovely to share my week with you. Isn't it great that we can learn and experience new things every day? Some open new ways of thinking, while others simply make me gaze in awe.

1. Unfurling blooms

Last year, we bought a couple of pitcher plants (Nepenthes) home from the garden centre. We were attracted by the gorgeous markings on their leaves - veins and spots - and were happy to admire them each day. Imagine how thrilled we were to see a flower shoot up on each plant! 

I've been taking photos of the flowers every day as the petals open. They are so subtle and certainly an added bonus for us.

2. Guided meditation

Sure, I've read about this and heard many positive stories about the impact it can have but I'd never tried it. Several weeks ago, the Headspace app was recommended to me so I gave it a go.

I started with three-minute meditations (you can choose three, five or ten minutes) and completed ten consecutive days. They were a great introduction to the process and, after the first five days, I found I was keen for the next day's session. Now I'm doing the ten-minute ones and they are helping keep me calm and focused. 

Will I pay a subscription to access more of the meditations? I'm not sure about that yet; I may continue with the free basics for a while.

Have you tried guided meditation with an app? Let us know what app you use.

3. My Vegepod

Last year I purchased a small Vegepod raised garden bed, set it up, and planted a crop of summer vegetables. Soon after, I realised that I had put it in the wrong spot in my garden. It was too heavy to lift (it is filled with five bags of manure and potting mix) so I couldn't move it until the crops had finished and it could be temporarily emptied.

In August I finally got around to doing just that. It took two of us to position it correctly on the relocated stand and, once that was done, I refilled it and planted.

As I gather lettuce, spinach, spring onions, or chives from it now, I am grateful that the unit works so well in my garden. Our ground is parched because we haven't had rain for over a month but my Vegepod is easy to water and the veggies are thriving. They are protected from possums and insects by the cover and we are the only creatures munching on them now!

What's making you happy this week?  


  1. Erica really enjoyed the read. I find reading your articles meditative. They always ooze a sense of calm which I love. Thanks a lot and keep them coming.

    1. Thank you Carol! It's good that something I write touches you. xx

  2. I like the look and sound of your Vegepod Erica, and the lovely fresh produce. Must speak to The Gardener. Jill

    1. Thanks Jill. It works well for me.


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