09 October 2017

My book of the month: October

Reading is an intensely personal relationship between me and the book I hold in my hand. I immerse myself in the world an author has created as if the story was written solely for me. 

I've read all of Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache series and, after finishing each latest book in the series, I declare that it's her best book yet. You must be tired of me saying that!

In Glass Houses, though, Louise Penny has taken her storytelling to a higher level. 

I was about 80 pages from the end of the book and I knew I had to remove myself from all the domestic noises that were surrounding me. The suspense was intense and I needed to completely focus on where Louise Penny's words were taking me.

So I took myself upstairs and, after making a nest of pillows on my bed, curled up and fell again into the world of Three Pines. All external stimuli disappeared as I absorbed the action.  I was drained and awed after finishing the last word.

I'm not going to explain what happened in Glass Houses - you can read about that on Goodreads - but I will say how satisfying it was to read a story written by an author at her prime. Powerful.

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