02 October 2017

On being patient

Finding your own pace can take a lifetime or, if you are lucky, you can discover at a young age the speed at which you want to live your life. I now realise that I always knew, deep inside, that I wanted a slow life. The common culture around me thought differently. 

It's difficult to resist the pressures, real or perceived, that surround us. Aim for the sky, you can do anything, climb that career ladder, it's time you were settled down - this is not one-size-fits-all advice. All that rushing around simply makes me anxious. 

Slow down, be patient, and reap the rewards.

I prefer to nurture the nourishing activities and valued relationships in my life. It's satisfying to plant a seed and watch its whole life cycle take place. It's gratifying to share a secret smile and touch with the person I love. These are the moments that enrich my life and they are the rewards of patience.

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