11 December 2017

My book of the month: December

"Full disclosure: I am a weather tragic."
As soon as I read this first line, I knew this book was written for me.

My fascination with weather started when we lived in my childhood home. It was in an elevated position so we could see great Sydney southerly busters approaching and anticipate the coolness that was to come. I spent many hours drawing clouds with my precious pastels and consulting my father's barometer, tapping it gently and watching for the air pressure to drop.

Lawrie Zion's obsession started when he was five and he has written a fascinating and accessible book about his observations of how weather information has pervaded all our sources of news. It is thoroughly researched and documented, as befitting a Professor of Journalism (La Trobe University).

Sigh, I have found a kindred spirit who loves the Bureau of Meteorology as much as I do! 

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